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MTR FashionFlair offers a large collection of belts in various qualities within a broad price range. We offer leather belts in different quality but also braided and elastic belts. All are available in a wide range of designs, colours and widths. New styles are being developed continuously and enable our customers to select new looks throughout all seasons.

We are specialized in both formal and casual styles. Straps and buckles can be easily combined according to customer specific wishes. This “mix and match” set-up enables you to customize products and create an unique look. Buckles are available in different styles, with various finishes and systems, each with their own look and functionalities.

MTR FashionFlair  offers the possibility to set up stock lines trough a well balanced program for all year runners.


One of our best selling product groups and therefore one of our specialties. Silk and polyester, being the most popular qualities, are offered in a broad range of styles and designs. Wool, cotton and combined qualities are available as well. Woven, knitted and printed styles are all an option. Each season we present our own in-house designed collection. In close cooperation with our styling department your own designs can be brought to life. This allows us to meet the needs of our customer and enables us to offer an unique range of ties, whether classic, contemporary or fashionable. Low minima’s enable you to select broadly.

This product group is complemented with dress wear accessories such as pocket squares and bow ties.


MTR FashionFlair offers a high quality garment at competitive prices. Natural fibres such as cotton and linen are the main materials used. Various weave, pattern, printing and finishing possibilities are offered. Details in design such as collar way, plackets and cuffs can be customized according to your preferences.

Based on customers preferences, we are able to work with various production locations in both Asia and Europe.

Boxed gifts

Boxed gift sets is one of our specialties and therefore all of our products can be bought in a customized giftbox. Cardboard boxes, plastic designs or metal tins; all qualities are available in various models, styles and colour combinations. In house designed branding is part of our service. Combining various products is not a problem, we like to work together with you on finding the best way to present your products.


MTR FashionFlair offers scarves in various materials and price ranges. Winter collections consist of pure wool, wool mixtures, viscose and soft acrylic. Summer ranges consist of soft and thin acrylics, cottons, linen and various viscose qualities. Soft and durable materials are carefully selected. In-house design allows us to meet the needs of our customer and enables us to offer an unique range of scarves.

Dress wear accessoires

This range of products has become more and more popular over the last years. Thinking about the festive periods, a gala night or formal dinner, the bow tie, cummerbund and silk scarves are must haves. Both polyester and silk are popular qualities. Very interesting products to be offered in gift boxes.

This product group is complemented with dress wear accessories such as pocket squares and bow ties.


An extensive range of products in various qualities and price ranges. Leather is the main type of material used. From basic leathers such as sheep leather to exclusive qualities such as deer and sheepskin. Linings from either fleece material, wool, acrylic or mixtures of this.


A basic accessory, delivered in all price ranges, quality levels and designs. Both top quality European production as well as bulk volume Far East production is available.

Caps and hats
Caps & hats

A collection of caps and hats in various styles and qualities within a broad price range. Materials such as cotton, wool, acrylic or mixtures of these are most commonly used. Both formal and casual designs are among the possibilities

Cuff links

A luxury product that is characterized by its elegance. Cufflinks can be manufactured from a variety of materials such as stone, glass, metal or combinations of these. MTR FashionFlair  offers a variety of styles, from simple basics to stylish,  flashy and exclusive styles.

Most cufflinks have a flat decorated face for one side, while the other side shows the swivel-bar. The swivel bar is placed vertically to put the links on and off, then horizontally to hold them in place when worn.

Cufflinks are often offered with a giftbox or combined in gift sets.


MTR FashionFlair offers a very competitive and balanced range of suits and jackets. Various materials and fabrics are available.

Leather accessories
Leather accessories

A growing product category in which MTR FashionFlair  develops constantly. A collection of products such as wallets, bags, bracelets, glasses holders, phone and tablet covers. All available in luxury materials such as full grain leather or within a more basic price range. Small quantities are possible, enabling you to select broadly.


Formal basics that are all year long runners. Universal designs, styles and colours can be selected, either from stock elastic or based on own designs. Good quality elastic materials and leather in various colours ensure a reliable product.


Comfort and creativity combined. Our broad range of homeshoes is a nice addition to any fashion- or homewear collection. We offer a variety of designs which can easily be adjusted to your wishes. Obviously we can also design completely new ones from scratch.

Eye masks
Eye masks

One of our newest product groups; eye masks! To extend our fashionable homewear collection, we offer a wide range of eye masks. Fancy, modern basics and quirky fun designs. Basically any idea can be brought to life!

Styling & photography

By offering in-house design, MTR FashionFlair brings your own creative ideas to life. By translating your concepts into professional designs, we enable you to create unique collections. Our styling department is specialized in identifying and researching trends. We like to work together with you on developing and visualizing your ideas. Special requests regarding presentation, style, design and colour can be matched and MTR FashionFlair supports their clients throughout every step of the process.

A small photo studio at our head office provides us to help you out with product photography as well. Providing imagery for either your webstore or marketing and sales purposes